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Each Executive Consultant on our Team Averages 30 Years of Experience

We specialize in Strategic Leadership for business.

Visit our website and read our case studies at Excellence Inspired - Executive Consultants Our consistent success comes the analysis of systems and process, not individuals. We use our understanding of human nature and teamwork to guide implementation which is where good ideas fall short.

The Track Record

Increased reimbursements from State of California by 150% through improved quality of service and reorganized management system.

Federal receivership and bankruptcy converted to competitive awards from State of California and County of San Diego. New contracts increased by 100%.

Halted high staff turnover and resolved probationary status of contract, became best contract performance as measured by County of San Diego.

Resolved probationary status of contract, contract renewed by County of San Diego by working with business partners and leading reorganized teamwork. New contracts increased by 50%.

Led program out of jeopardy. County staff confirmed program achieved best contract outcomes. State of California reimbursements increased 65%.

Pay for performance output deficiency put company at risk for net loss, turnaround result: targets achieved and contract renewed.

Non-Governmental Organization with limited track record won 3 World Bank/USAID business development awards and a bi-national housing development award.

Non-profit without a track record won seed money award.

Victor Bloomberg, LCSW - Lic. LCS 15746
Office: 5252 Balboa Avenue, Suite 803, San Diego, CA 92117
Mail: P.O. Box 3483, San Diego, CA 92163
Phone:(858) 252-4740