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What is empathy?

It's getting how another person is feeling, without being overwhelmed in any way.

What is compassion?

It's supporting a person's efforts to cope with natural consequences, avoiding shame and guilt trips.

Does a therapist license guarantee empathy and compassion?

No. The license is only a minimal qualification. Empathy and compassion flow from a life of challenges, a community of caring mentors, and persistent effort to learn.

What else does a therapist need to work well and be excellent?

A well-rounded life of working with a variety of people facing different kinds of challenges. That is essential. It grounds the therapist in the dignity of each person and creates curiosity about each person's point-of-view.

What is a clinical method and does it matter?

A therapist uses methods that fit their learning style. You might have tried a therapist that was likable but ineffective. Explore their methods early on. Make sure that you understand the explanation and that your therapy experience meets expectations.

What is the therapist's “lane”?

We know that safe driving means staying in the lane and signaling a change in direction. The therapist's lane is: follow the cardinal rule “do no harm”, tune in (like a radio receiver), confirm understanding before giving feedback, provide a safe and trusted place for you to have thoughts and feelings in a new light. When the therapist stays in this lane, then your natural abilities lead you to experience pain without being re-injured and feel joy with confidence. That frees up energy, resolves ambivalence, and fuels renewed motivation. In a successful therapy, the direction of the work is defined by: your goals each and every session, the methods (such as life review, reflection about recent events, stress management, etc.) and whether to continue or wrap things up.

How did I get good at this?

So many people from many walks of life have been supportive, shared their lessons-learned, been role models, and provided opportunities for me to learn-by-doing. My own spirit has given me a stick-to-it attitude and my family taught me to strive for excellence. At this time of my life, I want to pass forward the good will and knowledge — and that is why I supervise interns and write books. My admiration for persons who successfully heal their wounds (so that they also provide for and protect others), this respect for achievement through a heroic journey is my motivation to continue my career as a psychotherapist.

How can you learn more about me?

You can “Google”: Victor Bloomberg, LCSW. The best way is to have a conversation!

How are Counseling and Psychotherapy Different?

Individual Counseling and Relationship Counseling

Each provide a safe environment for you to talk about things that matter, to resolve a specific situation.

You've used your abilities to get this far.

You are ready to move forward!

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Individual Therapy and Relationship Therapy

Psychotherapy is for adults coping with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, past trauma, as well as grief. You have benefited from prior efforts, and you want to address matters that reappear. To move forward, you understand that you can feel pain without being re-injured – and joy with confidence. While deeply imprinted life experiences remain, you know that the patterns of your life can change – when the meaning expands and transforms. You want to convert emotional pain into power guided by love. The comments about grief of Vice-President Joe Biden applies to many extreme life events:

There will come a day, I promise you and your parents, as well, when the thought of your son or daughter or your husband or wife brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. It will happen. My prayer for you is that day will come sooner or later. … But the only thing I have more experience than you in, is this. I’m telling you, it will come.

Is it Okay to See a Supervised Therapist Intern?

You Get “Two for the Price of One”

Supervised Psychotherapy is provided through a non-profit IPTTP led by Victor Bloomberg, LCSW. He provides the licensed supervision. All Supervised Psychotherapy Intern wages and benefits are paid by the non-profit.

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