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Humpty and Alice                                                                 Relationships: High Hostility and Anxiety

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Relationships: Fight Flight Freeze

A survivor develops reflexes and habits to avoid re-injury. Habits range from depressive and anxious self-isolation to aggressive disregard for self and others. Arousal from anxiety and anger is biological, but the connection is not as tight in a cool reactor as it is in hot reactor. Until reactivity is moderated, efforts to “be helpful” are likely to be rebuffed or to backfire.

Relationships: High Hostility and Anxiety

You are ready to move forward!

Individual Counseling and Relationship Counseling each provide a safe environment for you to talk about things that matter.

We build on your strengths to achieve personal growth.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Individual Therapy and Relationship Therapy are for adults coping with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, past trauma, as well as grief. You have benefited from prior efforts, and you want to address matters that reappear.

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